Bluetooth დინამიკი Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth  Burgundy

Bluetooth დინამიკი Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth Burgundy

962.00 ₾
პროდუქტის კოდი:  47629
მწარმოებლის კოდი:  1005231
მწარმოებელი:   Marshall
რაოდენობა:  3 ერთეული
გარანტია:  12 თვე

Bluetooth დინამიკი Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth  Burgundy

ბრენდი: Marshall
პროდუქტის ტიპი: HOME, Portable
სიმძლავრე: 10W + 2 X 5W
კოპუსის დაცვა: IPX4
Aux: YES
კავშირი: Bluetooth
ელემენტი: 20 hrs

From the manufacturer

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

20 hours playtime rechargeable battery

20+ Hours of Portable Playtime

Stockwell II offers 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. Its pint-sized frame and guitar inspired carry strap make it perfect to take with you. You can track the speaker’s battery life with the visual battery indicator located on the top panel of the speaker.

Multi directional sound

Multi Directional Sound

Stockwell II utilises Blumlein Stereo Sound construction for a multi-directional experience that will immerse you in your music, indoors or out. Three class D amplifiers power its subwoofer, front and rear facing tweeters for a sound that’s brilliantly powerful and clear. The cabinet is constructed with a bass reflex system that improves bass efficiency and extends the frequency response while lowering distortion.


Durable Water-resistant Design

Stockwell II features an IPX4 water-resistant rating, making it supremely rugged and durable. It’s encased in a silicone exterior and features a solid metal grille and the iconic Marshall script. Take it with you wherever the long road leads.

Additional Features

Multi host

Customizable Sound

Battery Indicator

Multi-Host Functionality

Stockwell II features multi-host functionality so you can easily connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices. Now you and a friend can take turns playing what you want to hear.

Customize Your sound

The Stockwell II top panel features analogue control knobs for bass, treble and volume, allowing you to fine-tune to the exact sound you desire.

Battery Indicator and Quick Charge Feature

Stockwell II has quick charging capabilities so you can pick up and leave at a moment’s notice. 20 minutes gets you up to 6 hours of portable playtime.

დინამიკის ტიპი სატარებელი
განლაგება 1.0
გამომავალი სიმძლავრე 10W + 2 X 5W
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